OZMAH is a family run and owned company since 2015 that has started its humble beginnings from a shopping centre kiosk which has been built up to what is. With the help of my husband and family I have been able to achieve this.

Most people ask what OZMAH means and we let them know that it is the initials of our children.  We chose this as we wanted to bring our customers into our lives.  We believe what makes us different is that we don’t see our customers as only customers but an extension of our family.

 Our journey started more out of necessity oppose to anything else.  In a non-Islamic country finding fashionable modest ware definitely had its challenges.  The other challenge was understanding that Allah (SWT) has created us all different especially when it comes to our bodies, So finding an outfit that was not only modest but also fashionable was difficult.

This is why at Ozmah we consider this in our designs and clothing.  Our aim to be able to cater for the majority of customers ensuring we have small sizes starting from size 6 (36 Euro) to size 24(54 Euro) in certain styles.

 My husband and I spend a fair amount of time in Turkey sourcing the finest materials and the best designs Turkey has to offer.  Our overseas stylists work hand in hand with us to ensure that the products we produce is not only the highest quality but also suitable to modest women around the world.

The time spent overseas also allows us to bring the latest and greatest of what Europe has to offer at the same time regardless of the distance.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have one of the biggest hijab collections in the southern hemisphere and we not only grow our collection we are forever changing our tones to meet the current colours in fashion.

I am very humbled by the support that I have received from everyone since the beginning of my journey and wish to continue being a part of each of your lives.  And I praise the all mighty Allah (SWT) for everything he has bestowed upon me and my family.